Diebold leaks voting results prematurely

February 27, 2008

This just about tore me up. This is absolutely hilarious. TheOnion FTW.



need a screen cleaning?

February 27, 2008

Wife sent me this one, hilarious. Use this if you have a dirty screen.


A life-long quest?

February 27, 2008

Ever since I started working (referring to serious-after-college job), I always ended up hating the job and when I finally left it, I was happy. Until I worked in my next job for a while.

Reasons for hating it were usually one of the following (or a combination of): “underchallenged”, “boring”, “hate close coworker”, “more money would be nice to reflect my responsibilities”, “hate to take orders, Id do it different”.

So, my (chain) quest is to find out what I really really really would like to do as a job.

As I mentioned, I am currently working as an IT Security Engineer. Thats my field, Network/IT Security.

I am very seriously thinking about running my own business, a Network/Security Consulting business. I have the skills and the knowledge to do that, but something is holding me back. Not sure what. Having a steady income is nice (like I do right now). I’d like to start it as a side job, but when I get home from my current job, all I really just want to do is to veg out.

So I guess it is about priorities. I have to find out what is important to me. I can’t keep bitching about my jobs to my wife anymore though. It is deteriorative to our relationship, it stresses her, and I don’t want that anymore.

I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery. /sigh. lol.

Experience WoWs unruly side – PuG! + my newb healer

February 27, 2008

+ [Wall of Text] hit [You] 1200 *Crit*

Started out as summary of my instance run last night, then I digressed into talking about my priest. Deal with it, my blog, I can do whatever I want. 🙂

So, I stated in my first post that I am currently working on a Draenei holy priest. I am so absolutely, definitely, eternally, totally sick of questing due to having done this a million times (it seems!) on my other toons, that I decided to only level her by running instances.

I am currently not in an established guild with my priest. The guild I was in fell apart, so I decided to start my own. After all, I always had good ideas on how to improve the guild I was in, so why not take that to the next level and run my own guild?

 As it turns out, it is quite some work to get a guild going. Not talking about founding the guild, getting a bank tab, getting the ranks organized etc, that is all fine and dandy. I am referring to recruiting actual players. 🙂

I am aiming for my guild to be a casual raiding and leveling guild. I’d like to have friends in my guild, I’d like to run instances, I’d like to run raids at certain times on certain days of the week. Since I have to get up eaaaaarly (5AM early) in the morning for work, I can’t really stay up past 1030PM on a regular weekday. So raids would be Fri/Sat.

Yeah, I know. I want to eat the pie and and keep it at the same time. Hmmmmm, pie. But I digress.

 Aaanyway. While I figure out the guild thing, I am running instances with PuGs. Back to topic.

My priest is now old enough to run the mother of all instances… No, not talking about BT. Way harder. Yeah. Waaaaaay harder.

*smoke is rising from the ground, sky is darkening*


*screams are heard*

Hehe, I like how “Gnomer” always gets these kind of reactions in experienced WoW players.

Ill work on player categories at some point, but this is the type of pug I had:

– 33 warrior “I am charging into groups of mobs, I am invincible”

– 28 hunter “I know what I am doing, I can freeze trap, tank with pet”

– 28 warrior “I tank and kill my own target”

– 28 feral druid “I tank and kill my own target”

– later on, druid dropped out and was replaced by a 28 rogue “I stealth to untagged mobs while healer is drinking”

I have to admit that aside from one crazy wipe right in front of Thermaplugg’s chamber (all of a sudden getting swarmed by 100 000 gnomes on mounts, I am thinking pet aggroed them from downstairs hallway), we did good. Was fairly annoying at times to me, since I had to keep 3 tanks healed at the same time during most pulls. Eventually they will learn that it helps to focus and burn targets down one at a time. Eventually. If I hang out with them again, I may just let some of them die every once in a while, just to show them that they are not invincible.

They were all from the same guild, and on vent talking while we were running Gnomer (I was not on their guild vent). Having a grand old time killing all these mobs (“this is great, we don’t have a plan, just going in and killing stuff” they said in party chat).

Druid AFKd out for dinner in the middle of the run (“dinner, brb”), was gone for 20 mins, stayed unstealthed (druid? wth?), got killed by pats, came back “can I get a rez?” – “sure, let me just backtrack for 10 mins” (I thought). After much fun (only 1 warrior was leading the way, him and me, rest stayed put,  he aggroed 2 mobs, yells “run!”, we killed them together while I kept him alive), then rezzed druid. Hunter “brb” – gone for 5 minutes or so. Druid left group about 5 mins later “g2g”, got replaced by rogue.

Came back to where we left off, I sat down to drink, main tank/warrior charges into group of mobs (me at 10% mana). I finished drinking, let him drop down to about 20% health as /punishment, then healed him back up.

Allthewhile, rogue thinks he starts fighting a different group of mobs than the tank. Not sure why. Guess because he has a healer back him up, so he can do wth-ever he pleases to, right? 

I actually caught myself making a point of not healing the rogue until I absolutely had to. Evil? Naaaaah.

Anyway.. finished Gnomer w/o any real issues. I am still working on my healing rotation, I am catching myself being inside the 5sec window a lot, ie, I cast too often, don’t let my mana regen kick in at full force and thus run low and have to drop down to drink every 2/3 pulls or so. I _am_ making a point in really only using heals that are really needed; lesser heals, renews; ‘real heals’ (heal rank 1,2,3) only when necessary. At the same time, I am starting to phase out the little heals, as I have to cast more of them, and end up using more mana than if I would just use a regular heal. Ah well, practice makes the master or however that is called.

Gearwise, I am focusing on +int gear, +spirit/mp5 (if I can get it), and +healing gear if I see neat stuff at the AH. Currently I have about +40 healing or so. Yeah, lolback at you. /slap. 😉 Still, I have about 2200 mana unbuffed at 28, so that is not _too_ bad. If I can figure out a good healing rotation, then this may actually last me a long time.

Symbol of Hope (Draenei Priest thing, improved mana regen for 10 or so seconds, 5 min CD) is neat as well, I fire that off every once in a while. Groups love it (“whats that, thats cool”), and it looks cool, and it is somewhat useful (although will be even more useful once I stop wasting mana).

I just realized I never use Gift of the Naaru. Hm. /selfslap.

Specwise, I am all shadow, except for 2 points in improved renew. This kind of illustrates my spec-confusion I am currently in. I kinda wanna do Shadow (because I always thought it was cool), but then again, I have a lock, so whats the point? Plus, healers are always needed, so may as well go holy/disc. Alright, I think Ill respec next time I log on. 🙂 Check my blogroll for holylight + egotisticalpriest btw, great healer blogs, they talk alot about what newbs like me need to do!


live :-)

February 27, 2008


This blog will be about my holy priest I started not too long ago on Rexxar. Her name is Heilerin, she is currently a Level 28 Draenei Priest.

 Since I already leveled and epic’d out a Warlock (Deutscher) and a Druid (Waldengel), got them both their epic flying mounts (druid epic flying form FTW!), I decided to mess around with a priest — I know, I know, there are sooo many healers out there, so there will be NO use for yet another one, right? (/sarcasmoff)

Since I am eternally sick of questing, I decided to level this priest solely by running instances. Yep. Pugs. So, funny stories and rants are ensued. 🙂

Keep checking back while I familiarize myself with The Art of Blogging, how to blog on WordPress, and most importantly, while I figure out what I will be blogging about.

A little bit about my WoW-self: I have been playing WoW since July 2006. I have over 100 days /played on my lock, over 25 days /played on my druid and a couple days here and there on any other toons I messed around with. My priest is at about 4 days right now.

Yeah, I know. Lots of WoW. I may write about the good and the bad of this as well. We will see.

I am 33, living in Atlanta, GA, USA, and I am married to an awesome woman who ALSO plays WoW. Yeah, cannot say that that does not feed into my addiction. :-/ She is actually playing on a different server these days, yes, she is playing filthy horde toons. Shame on her. Just kidding. Coupla friends that we met on Rexxar re-rolled Horde on Steamwheedle. Yeah, Guild drama caused this. I may talk about this as well, especially because I still think I caused some of that.


Other RL facts? Huh? Alright, I am working as a Security Engineer for a big retailer. Fun times. I may write about that as well, and how I am looking for that Megamillions jackpot win. Hit close to home last week with a GA couple winning $270M. That would be nice, even if there are only about 90/100M left after taxes etc. I could probably deal with $100M. I _think_ that may be just enough to be comfortable.

 LoL. Aaaaaanyway. Ill think about some stuff and update this ASAP.

 Take care!