A life-long quest?

Ever since I started working (referring to serious-after-college job), I always ended up hating the job and when I finally left it, I was happy. Until I worked in my next job for a while.

Reasons for hating it were usually one of the following (or a combination of): “underchallenged”, “boring”, “hate close coworker”, “more money would be nice to reflect my responsibilities”, “hate to take orders, Id do it different”.

So, my (chain) quest is to find out what I really really really would like to do as a job.

As I mentioned, I am currently working as an IT Security Engineer. Thats my field, Network/IT Security.

I am very seriously thinking about running my own business, a Network/Security Consulting business. I have the skills and the knowledge to do that, but something is holding me back. Not sure what. Having a steady income is nice (like I do right now). I’d like to start it as a side job, but when I get home from my current job, all I really just want to do is to veg out.

So I guess it is about priorities. I have to find out what is important to me. I can’t keep bitching about my jobs to my wife anymore though. It is deteriorative to our relationship, it stresses her, and I don’t want that anymore.

I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery. /sigh. lol.


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