live :-)


This blog will be about my holy priest I started not too long ago on Rexxar. Her name is Heilerin, she is currently a Level 28 Draenei Priest.

 Since I already leveled and epic’d out a Warlock (Deutscher) and a Druid (Waldengel), got them both their epic flying mounts (druid epic flying form FTW!), I decided to mess around with a priest — I know, I know, there are sooo many healers out there, so there will be NO use for yet another one, right? (/sarcasmoff)

Since I am eternally sick of questing, I decided to level this priest solely by running instances. Yep. Pugs. So, funny stories and rants are ensued. 🙂

Keep checking back while I familiarize myself with The Art of Blogging, how to blog on WordPress, and most importantly, while I figure out what I will be blogging about.

A little bit about my WoW-self: I have been playing WoW since July 2006. I have over 100 days /played on my lock, over 25 days /played on my druid and a couple days here and there on any other toons I messed around with. My priest is at about 4 days right now.

Yeah, I know. Lots of WoW. I may write about the good and the bad of this as well. We will see.

I am 33, living in Atlanta, GA, USA, and I am married to an awesome woman who ALSO plays WoW. Yeah, cannot say that that does not feed into my addiction. :-/ She is actually playing on a different server these days, yes, she is playing filthy horde toons. Shame on her. Just kidding. Coupla friends that we met on Rexxar re-rolled Horde on Steamwheedle. Yeah, Guild drama caused this. I may talk about this as well, especially because I still think I caused some of that.


Other RL facts? Huh? Alright, I am working as a Security Engineer for a big retailer. Fun times. I may write about that as well, and how I am looking for that Megamillions jackpot win. Hit close to home last week with a GA couple winning $270M. That would be nice, even if there are only about 90/100M left after taxes etc. I could probably deal with $100M. I _think_ that may be just enough to be comfortable.

 LoL. Aaaaaanyway. Ill think about some stuff and update this ASAP.

 Take care!


One Response to live :-)

  1. rexxarpriest says:

    ZOMG this is an awesome blog, I love you.

    Just kidding. Testing the comments.

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