A PuG weekend: ignore list FTW!

So, as I mentioned before, my ignore list grew immensely this past weekend: from 0 to 6! All due to SM Lib + Armory. What is it about those instances? Well, there are a lot of neat drops in there, so I figure a lot of people want to have those. Even the people that shouldn’t have them, but run around with a ‘Cudgel’ for the rest of their player lives (Cudgel is one of the starter weapons you can have). Because they suck.

SM Armory PuG: warrior (arms, yes, he tanked),  rogue,  hunter, one other and me. I was a little too low-level (31 for armory which starts at 34), so I was pretty busy healing and drinking a lot. Warrior was a 35. He did take a lot of damage, plus the rogue was one of those “i stealth to mobs before we engage, dance around them, pickpocket, jump some more and accidentally hit a mob and aggro an entire group”-kinda dude. Plus, the warrior says things like “I got dps gear, whats my damage at, I bet I got more than rogue, here, let me fight 2 more mobs so I can outdps”.

I did mention that him being a tank, he takes more damage than usual, and he should look into getting some tanking gear. He loled at me, telling me that I should heal more than complaining the whole time. I did mention before that they should wait before they engage while I am DRINKING. Because NO MANA = NO HEALS. They didn’t care. Ran off, engaged mobs, happened a lot.

So at this point I realized that 3 of the players in the group were from the same guild. I realized it since they started ripping on my healing. “This would go better if the priest would actually heal” etc etc.

Well.. see, as a healer (and as a tank) you have a choice.. you can get another run relatively easy, so there is no _need_ to finish the run with a specific group.

So, after Mr Rogue stealthed into a group of 5 and pulled all of them, I shielded myself, said “take care guys” and walked out of the instance.

I put them all on ignore, as I could tell from the party chat that they were rather displeased with this. Don’t have to deal with the fallout.



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