A PuG weekend: SM GY and a funny rogue

Played my priest last weekend, she hit 35 last night!

I respecced her to disc/holy. No more mind flay. That’s ok, I had only been using it for a short while and haven’t really gotten used to it too much anyway.

So, when I solo, I usually do:

PW:S – Mind Blast – SW:P – Smite x3 –  Mind Blast –  Wand. It’s not very exciting, but it works — sometimes I throw in a Chastise to stun.

At the same time, I really only solo if I am half-3/4 quarters through a level from instancing and want to ‘wrap it up’.

Cleared Gnomer twice this weekend, wrapped up all the quests. You know, I have to change one of my basic stances as far as this is game is concerned: Gnomer does not suck that bad.

Yes, I said it. With a good group (or at least a group with players that have a basic understanding on how their toon works — excluding the balance druid I pugged with, who had a mana base of 1300 @ level 29 and meleed with his staff a lot — I saw him yelling in SW later on that day ‘WAT IS BETA A WARLOCK R A MAGE’ – draw your own conclusions) Gnomer is actually fun in a way. Tons of XP since their are millions of gnomes that need to be killed. And I like to kill gnomes. Yes. I like the ‘ayeyyayaaaaaaa’ they let out before they fall backwards and die.


So anyway, Gnomer was fun.

I also started running Scarlet Monestary. GY once (story about funny rogue in a sec), Lib and Armory as well.

Not sure if it is the level range, the atmosphere in the SM instances or what, but I ended up adding 5 (!) people to my ignore list this weekend due to SM PuGs (next article).

The GY rogue was funny and harmless. Some blue BOE dropped (forgot what), tank needed on it and won it.

Conversation went like this:

Rogue: ‘can I have for alt’.

Group: no, players on their current chars in the group have priorities.

Rogue: but Pally has already won so many items (he was right, Pally tank had gotten a blue BS pattern and another item before – sucks for us, lucky pally, but have to deal with it)

Group: yeah, but Pally can use item.

Rogue: Pally is a fatty.


I was like ‘huh, what did he just say?’ *scrolls up*

“Pally is a fatty.”

OK, so there are some conclusions you can draw out of this.

I came to the conclusion that it must be a kid and socially somewhat inept. You dont get what you want – URAFATTY –

Anyway. We killed endboss in GY and were done with the run (we kinda just ignored the rogue and wanted to wrap up the run), then Pally stated that he had another 20 minutes on hearth CD, mage had another 10. Rogue asked us to stay to help him level, he was 1 bar away.

Well, I could care less about the rogue at this point obviously, but the others did a good job (also, they didnt run away and aggro their own mobs as rogue had done many a time in this run), so I decided to hang around and keep cleaning up the GY — after all, many mobs left!

We started killing, rogue kept asking us to please please stay and make sure he levels (mind you, after he insulted the group). I said “I am not staying for you, I am staying for the Pally and the Mage. After all, you insulted us”. To which he responds “is that so”. “Yup”.

Now for some reason, the LFG gods had made him lead. Which he used to remove me from group. Inside the instance. The healer.

I smiled. Then I loled. Pally whispers me “hey, hang on, Ill leave group too, aggro, bubble hearth”. I lol. Pally leaves group, invites me, starts running around, bubbles. I shield and hearth. Rogue died.

That was fun.


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