Me want to raid

I love to raid. But I dont have 7 nights @ 6 hours a week to raid. Therein lies my personal problem. I know my chars (lock, druid and an upcoming holy priest) very well, but I can’t use them because I am not in a guild where I can use those chars to their full potential since I cannot make the 7-12 PM server time every day that many raiding guilds (at least on Rexxar it seems) employ.

A casual raiding guild would probably be the first match for me, because of the looser restrictions. However, many players in a casual raiding guilds are wanna-be raiders: they want to raid because its cool, but they dont want to put in the commitment that is required. They don’t care about being prepared or want to put in time that is needed to learn a fight. They complain about repair bills, as if others would not have to pay them as well.

A ‘hardcore raiding guild’, or ‘regular raiding guild’ as I would call them is of course different. People know their place, know what they need to do and do it in a professional manner. But you are usually required to attend most of the days. If you don’t, you lose your spot.

I just want to raid, enjoy the team atmosphere. The feeling of accomplishment in the game when you clear the raid instance. I enjoy the ability to get together with a bunch of people and ‘conquer’ an instance.

Thats my dilemma :-/ I want to explore and experience the game, but I can’t find a guild I can do it with, considering the time commitment. I want to eat the cake and keep it.

Hmmm, cake.


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