More SM runs – respawn timer FTL

Pugged another SM Library run last night. Was an alright group, we ended up 4 manning it since the feral druid d/cd early on. I was able to hone my skillz some more because of “I stealth and pickpocket and aggro mobs that way” rogue (a different one than the night before) was aggroing mobs left and right. We had to deal with 8-mob-pulls twice – accidental pulls – and I kept us alive! That made me feel good 😉

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the entrance to the last room before the library endboss, pally did not realize that there were mobs left and right and ran right for the mobs at the entrance of the boss room. I knew that at that point, a wipe was unavoidable. 8 mobs – yeah ok, we can wing it. 10 mobs? Threshold. :-/

Anyway, I started running after pally got killed almost immediately (threw up PW:S on him and biggest heals, he wasnt able to aggro them all so I had 4 mobs coming for me).

Unfortunately, the entire instance had respawned right behind our back, so I got killed in the yard area. We called it, as we would have had to reclear the whole thing and one of the players had to go.

Ah well, XP is XP. I think it is time for me to focus on Armory — and maybe Cathedral soon – hopefully. Even got my first Ulda quest (yeah, right.. its red, but that doesn’t even tell you about the insane level range that whole instance has — I think the endboss is a 50 elite?).

On another note, I guess I am guild shopping. I am looking for an active leveling guild on Rexxar. I have a feeling by the time I find one, I may as well join a raiding guild as I will have hit 70.  ;-/


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