Clinton wins TX + OH, McCain secures nomination

So Hillary had a comeback of sorts and McCain is now the GOP candidate for president.

Hm, so the choice will be (Obama or McCain) or (Hillary or McCain). Since I am a highly qualified political analyst (I am not), I predict:

– If Obama ends up running against McCain, Obama will get wasted during the campaign. The stuff that Clinton’s team is pulling out (as the media calls it, throwing the kitchen sink at him), that is nothing compared to what the Republicans are going to do to him. Obama better be prepared. Bill OReilly and his cohorts are absolute asshats, but if they repeats his stuff often enough (OReilly even helps the viewers memorize his key points by listing them on the side of the screen while he talks — something I think is absolutely hilarious), it will stick. And there is some stuff that is not quite kosher with Obama (just google/read news etc), that I bet McCains staff is already digging into. I have a feeling Obama is gonna start crying once he realizes just how much crap conservatives can throw his way.

– If Hillary ends up running against McCain, she will lose. I think that there are too many people who do not like her or what she stands for (I think the only thing people remember about Bill Clinton these days is his affair with Lewinsky). Her healthcare plan, while well-meant, scares too many people into the whole OMG TAXES ARE GONNA GET RAISED I WILL EVEN HAVE LESS MONEY TO PAY MY BILLS THAT ALREADY ARE KILLING ME thinking.

If anyone is reading German news (right 🙂 ), it is interesting how the major outlets (at least Der Spiegel, which is a very major publication in Germany) are pretty clear in supporting Clinton. Der Spiegel pretty much thinks Obama is all talk, no action, whereas Clinton is more experienced. I don’t know. I think overall, that both are full of sh*t and follow their own agenda no matter what.

– So, McCain is going to win. He is a ‘friendly old white man’, ‘headstrong’, ‘says what he thinks’, ‘has his head in the right place’. He seems to be more sympathetic than Bush anyway. His agenda? Well, he is a republican, what do you expect?

Does it really matter what their agenda is?

I think that Americans don’t want change. Americans want the status quo, be left alone and not have to worry about any crap going on outside of their own realm of responsibility. They don’t want to deal with the mess in Iraq. They just want to make it go away (remember Afghanistan?).

I am not going to be able to vote in this general election, as I am not a US Citizen yet (I am German). The INS/BCIS is processing my application though, so it eventually will happen this year or next year. I probably would not vote anyway though, as none of the candidates appeal to me. I think Obama is a ‘Windei’, or ‘hollow egg’ as the Germans would say — not much substance. Nice to look at and listen to I guess, but nothing happening as a result. Not something we need here. We need someone with a plan on how to get us out of the mess overseas and here in the USA as far as the economy is concerned. Listening to Obama is like listening to music in an elevator – nice and soothing, but you forget it as soon as you leave the elevator.


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