Ulda – I am spoiled!

PuGged Uldaman last night. Yup, me being level 35 at the time, I was invited to an Ulda run. 38 ret pally tanking, 45 enhancement shammy, 41 hunter, 41 warlock. It went as smooth as it could have possibly been. The perfect run. I am NOT kidding. Kudos to the peeps from <peace and honor> and <the money> that were in this pug. We had ONE death, that was the lock running into a bunch of mobs. That was IT.

And they loved my healing. Comment from the hunter: “I will have you heal all my runs from now on”. Yeeeeees, I am a sucker for compliments. Who isn’t?

Downside is: I am spoiled now. This was a run that was as perfect as a well-organized raid. It will never happen again. 😦

Heilerin has +80 bonus healing now and a mana base of about 3300 buffed up. She hit 36 last night.

Good times ;-0


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