Has been a while..

I hate how work gets in the way of playing WoW. ūüôā

Priest has hit 47 last night. I decided to respec her to Shadow for the time being. DPS is insane compared with Holy/Disc, and there are indeed times when I don’t feel like healing a crazy PuG. ūüėČ

Ill give it a shot and try to heal one tonight¬†with Shadow spec. If it¬†doesn’t work, then Ill keep respeccing before ‘important runs’ — I healed ST once with an awesome PuG.. yes, one of those¬†PuGs that come together every once in a blue moon. Where everyone knows what to do and what his/her job is.

Shadow FTW. Holy/Disc FTW too though. Can’t even recount the¬†number of compliments (‘nice healing’) I got while I have been holy-spec. I do like it too, and she will go back to holy¬†for sure¬†once she¬†hits¬†70. Until then, I will go back and forth between holy and shadow¬†depending on the requirements.¬†


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