joined a raiding guild with the 70s..

I joined a raiding guild with my druid and my lock. The guild is nicely progressed into SSC and TK. My gear sucks. 🙂

Never experienced a group before where my lock was #5 on damage. GAH! Feel like a noob! 🙂

But its fun regardless. I have never experienced those instances before, and I am glad I finally get to. 🙂 For me, it is more about the fun about being part of a good team than getting the loot. Although obviously I need better gear now. 😉 So its a win-win either way.

I am in a casual guild with my priest — they are focused on raiding pre-BC, which is hilarious. I tanked parts of MC the other night and I am looking forward on healing the 60+ raids on my priest – nice loot for sure. 😉

Tonight I may be tanking AQ20. Raiding guild goes into ZA, I don’t care too much for that.

I also tanked the new Magister’s Terrace on the druid, twice so far. The 5-mob pulls suck. Some of the bosses are immune to growl/lacerate, so I have to sit there mauling and mangling them until I have enough threat. That is hard on the dps’ers who can BARELY hold back long enough. Many wipes ensued on those runs. Not sure how much I like MGT — the bosses are neat, mobs blow. This instance must be a nightmare on heroic.. think Heroic SH and SL combined with a dash of MT.

Killing Kael’thas FTW though. ‘I KILLED KAEL!’



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