What a day :-/

Ran regular MGT yesterday on my lock. I wiped the group 3 times. I almost threw the keyboard out of the window. All 3 wipes were noob wipes too. This had never happened to me before, I was so embarrassed. I feared mobs into groups etc etc, just stupid stuff. We weren’t able to finish the run either, ran out of time and had to get ready for the raids. I sat out on Mags (by choice), I was so upset about my abysmal performance that I had to recover. I ran Gruuls after that, on my druid. I did feel like a noob, since I actually never downed Gruul before… I was assigned to tank Olm, but he kept running around and death coiling me, I barely had a chance to get a decent amount of threat. I need to read up on that fight some more.

Then, with Gruul at 200k HP, my PC locked up HARD and I had to reboot. Turned out the whole raid wiped because it happened to a bunch of other people too. We took him down without any issues on our second attempt.

I have to admit that I hate not being top-DPS or most experienced. I used to before I joined this guild. 🙂

On the other hand, maybe this is exactly what I need.. I experience new content I have not seen before and there is always a lot to learn. It is never good to get stuck in your own ways for too long. Change is good. It is hard, but it is good.


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