Hit 57 last night on the priest. I gave up on trying to heal The Last Big Instance (BRD) — I have 6 yellow quests there, that would probably be around 60000 XP, plus loot, but I am not able to find a good pug for that for the life of mine. And the guild my mains are in (Raiding) certainly don’t care about BRD too much.

Therefore, I decided to go shadow again and just quest my way to 58.. Outland.. somehow looking forward to it — don’t ask me why 😉

I kind of wish I had enough rep with Darnassus to get her a swift saber.. but I am only halfways honored (never did quests in Ashenvale etc – duh!)… maybe I can do low level quests and still get rep.. need to try that out – I want to level up herbalism anyway.

Note to self: try it out.


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