Double-Druid-tanking FTW!

Just posted this on BBB’s site (yes, I am lazy, talk to the hand 🙂 )

Double-druid-tanked Kara last night. Me on Waldengel and another fellow druid. He MTd, I OTd. We cleared Start-Opera in 1 hour, pull after pull after pull, skipped Illhoof and had 1 shot at Prince.. unfortunately, the infernals locked us into a corner where we got ravaged by Prince, and then MT had to log (was almost midnight, I was overdue as well). This was probably the most fun Kara run I ever had.

This gives me WAY enough kicks to enjoy the game. I had fun. First time in a while.
Seriously though.. do a speed clear of whatever instance if you want to fell an Adrenaline rush. It’s amazing. 🙂



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