So, on Friday I had already resorted myself to not running any BRD to level from 57 to 58, but actually go to Winterspring and Silithus and grind my way up there. ARGH – UGH – NOOOOO… I hate Silithus, I hate bugs, especially 57 elite cockroaches and mosquitoes!

And then I was lucky.. I happened to check on the status and whereabouts of one of my buddies, and I saw his 70 lock in BRD. 😉

Well, it turns out that he and another 70 hunter were running through a 53 Paladin, so I told him ‘Dude, you need a healer.’, to which he agreed. It can never hurt to have a healer in a group.. That’s why I like this priest a lot — there will never be anyone saying ‘NO, you can’t come’ to any instance run I want to partake in. 🙂

So anyway.. it took about 5 hours and 2 wipes, but I can proudly report that I have for the first time ever been part of a group that did a complete clear of Blackrock Depths. 🙂 And never again shall I put another step into that instance. 🙂

Plus, I got an ENTIRE level out of that run.. I was 25k XP short of 58, but had yet to turn in 5 yellow and orange quests, which put me a quarter of a level into 58. 🙂

I did the ‘Onyxia march’ (escorting Windsor to defeat the dragon dudes in SW keep), so next up would be an UBRS run to get Ony- and BWL attuned. Yes, I am crazy, but I really would like to raid pre-BC as well. 🙂

Anyway, since she started in Outlands, she has already replaced 90% of her gear with quest- and Ramps/BF-drops and she is halfway through 60. 🙂

Yup, she got her epic mount as well. A swift palomino from Elwynn Forest, since she is exalted with Stormwind. I do want her to get a swift sabercat from Darn, but she needs about 19k more rep to be exalted with those guys.. Did you realize that you get full rep if you do low-level quests for a faction? I did 6-7 Darkshore quests with her and got about 3000 rep out of it. Even a couple hundred XP – 🙂

Leveling in Outlands is easy. Plenty of drops, plenty of XP, plenty of instances to run (heal). It won’t be a problem whatsoever to get her to 70 ASAP.

I respecced her again.. she has 11 points in Disc now (improved Fort and Shield + Inner Focus), rest in Shadow. I will not need to respec again until 70 at least, when she will turn into either a full healer or stays a shadow priest. Depending on what the raids require. Which is good, as I have maxed out the respeccing attempts — its 50g per respec now. SUCKS!



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