Druid: 4xT4 Baby — +1400 armor!

Ran Mags + Gruuls with my druid last night, 2x T4 Chest piece dropped and the guy who won the roll passed on it — I was 2nd in line and I got it!!

Now Waldengel has the gloves, the helm, the shoulders AND the chest, which means that she is getting to reap the benefits of the 4-piece-set bonus: +1400 armor! Waldengel has over 32400 armor now in bear!! /evilgrin.

With over 34-something dodge in bear, I can solely focus on building up her stamina.. yesterday, full raid-buffed, she crossed the 20000 hp threshold. That made me feel pretty dang invincible 🙂

Even ended up tanking Gruul for a minute or so towards the end — MT got killed, I was 2nd-highest on threat (on purpose)..

I will hone my skills in heroic MGT from now on – I need to practice the multiple-mob-tanking a little bit more, and heroic MGT is THE place to be for that. With up to 6 mobs that need to be controlled at one point, there is a lot of tanking to be done. The more mobs I can reliably control, the less CC we have to worry about.

Plus, there is a very nice drop for me waiting as well: the +57 stamina trinket off the 3rd boss. That would be a SWEET addition to the gear.

As far as the new badge gear is concerned, the only items of interest are the druid staff and the dps leather waist piece — those 2 offer the biggest improvements stat-wise. I could probably replace both DPS mace (PVP S1 mace) and Earthwarden with this one weapon, most definitely the DPS mace though. Almost +500 AP – RAWR :-). This will take me a while to get though, at a cost of 150 badges. Well, at 22 badges per Kara run, this would be about 5-6 runs. Not that bad after all, I guess.

At first I was going to pick up the tanking ring for 60 badges, but after I got my 4th T4 piece and the armor set bonus, I decided to collect 15 more badges and just get the DPS waist piece instead, then start over and get 150 for the weapon.

Fun times. 🙂


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