I R survived Heroic Magister’s Terrace

I went in there last night, tanking for an excellent group of people: a hunter who could double-trap, a rogue with insance DPS, an excellent mage and an awesome Pally healer. We cleared that place out, 1 wipe due to me overseeing a Blood Knight hiding in the corner when I marked one room (duh!). 4 learning wipes at Kael — there is no way to kill that shield before he shoots his 50000 hp pyro at me. That is a hard encounter for a druid.. Wowwikie says: “Druid tanks are out of luck”. 😦

The key would be to drop the threat, so rogue would get targeted, then he can cheat death and avoid pyro. Or, with a Pally, he can BOP and prevent it as well.

I told those guys (awesome group) that I will be running this instance once a day now until I get my tanking trinket off 3rd boss. I will try to see if I still have Hypnotist’s Watch laying around in my bank — or any other threat-reducing trinket.. I could also try to Cower in cat form, but switching to cat + hitting cower in time + possible resist… not sure.. I’ll just have to try it. 🙂

We did clear MGT after about 4 attempts. We decided to just stop healing me once he starts casting his pyro and save the Pally’s mana.. I also threw an innervate on him right before I died — I am SO nice! Hah!

The non-caster DPS trinket dropped off 3rd boss btw. Nice trinket, I would have used it for cat, but I let the DPSers have it.. eventually, they will already have it if it drops again, and I will GRAB it. 🙂


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