Disc/Holy again – awesomeness

So, I respecced Heilerin to 25/29/0 disc/holy last night since I was asked to heal a SP run. And she ruled. Only time mana dropped below 50% was at the 2nd and 3rd boss who do TONS of nature damage to the whole group. Had to let a 61 rogue ‘go’ (ie. stopped healing to preserve mana) during Rokmar’s fight. Meh, enough of them out there anyway. 🙂 )

I never really dropped below 90% mana until we hit the mobs before the 2nd boss. I actually told the Pally that I am bored and that he needs to make me work more. So he tanked 2 Myrmidons, and after the fight he asked me if that was better. I just told him “look at my mana pool” — I was at 98%.

Love it. 🙂

He hates questing too, so I think we could make a good team leveling up. He is already at 66, Heilerin is at 63, but I seriously doubt that there is any lack for healing assignments 63 and up, so I will get to 70 soon enough. In fact, I need to purposely take time, because he also happens to be an officer who is playing a shammy with 2k + healing and he likes my healing style. This means that I may be relegated to healing in the raids, rather than tanking or DPSing on the Lock. I like healing a lot, I like tanking, but I also like nuking on my Lock (especially ever since I respecced to Destro), so I just have to make sure that I pace myself and am in charge of my game.

On another note, I didn’t realize that you had to heal a member to full to get rid of the poison dot that Rokmar debuffs you with, since I never healed that boss before. So, I was rezzing the rogue after boss was down, was out of mana, mana pots on CD, Symbol of Hope on CD, and Pally tank (guildie) says “HEAL ME”, I see his health go down. I heal him as much as I can (not much, since no mana ;-0), then he Lays Hands on himself to heal himself. Calls me a noob for not doing it, I only lol’d at him. 🙂

Which led me to have a good idea: since I will be running this instance a bunch of more times, if there will ever be the case that I am in a bad PUG with one or more jerks, I will just let them die from the dot after the boss fight is over. This is fun. I am bad. Heck, even if I can’t be shadow, I can still have an evil mindset, can I not? 🙂

Anyway, long story short, disc/holy 1: shadow 0.

BTW, critted a mob for 1200 Smite in SP last night as well, so I think this may be good enough for soloing whatever I will solo during leveling up.


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