202 is the magical number (that brings on the PAIN) :-)

Alright.. I went and got Spellstrike Pants crafted for Deutscher last night. I gemmed it all up, my spell hit is 203 now baby! Just 1 over the required 202 rating to never have a boss resist my Shadowbolt love. 🙂

The GL and RL decided last night that they are bored with Mags and Gruuls (Mags dropped Eredar Wand of Obliteration for me 🙂 ), and there will be more pain involved in getting a run going in the future. Which sucks for me, as Deutscher and the upcoming priest would certainly appreciate getting all their T4 gear, but I definitely understand where they are coming from — they have been doing those clears for almost a year now, for me its still new, and the world does not revolve around me (ZOMG UNFAIR! 🙂 ), so I’ll just deal with it.

I’ll spend another fortune tonight to get the Spellstrike Hood crafted for me, replacing the Battlestrike Hood he has been wearing for AGES. There is no stopping now — I tasted the 6k+ Shadowbolt crits, the 2-crits-in-a-row with Backlash.. it is so beautiful it makes me giggle like a little girl. LOL.

So the plan is to get the hood crafted, replace some of the +hit gems with +crit and +damage (since the hood provides PLENTY of hit) and push Deutscher’s DPS up a notch. Sounds like a plan. 🙂


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