Oil exec was not aware of Bush’s speech – yeah RIGHT


“John Hofmeister, president of Shell Oil Co., the U.S. division of Royal Dutch Shell, addressed rising gasoline prices during an interview Wednesday … HOFMEISTER: If the U.S. set a goal to produce 2 to 3 million barrels more a day in this country, we would send a shock around the world that would immediately say to the speculators, hey, U.S. is serious. President [Bush] said something yesterday about this. I didn’t hear him, but I think that’s good news. But we should set a specific target. ”

You know, I know that sometimes I am naive and maybe even oblivious to things going on, but I can smell this kind of bullshit from about 20 miles away.. are they seriously trying to convince us that the timing of this interview and Bush’s speech yesterday are pure coincidence?

I am not much into conspiracies, but think about this scenario for a second: US oil companies increasing prices to force people to rethink their stance on not allowing them to drill for oil in Alaska, while at the same time lobbying Washington to prepare the public to change their mind.. because clearly, right now EVERYONE wants to have that gas price go down, so who cares about Alaska?

Please, PUHLEASE, lets at least be honest here. Don’t say “I didn’t hear him, but I think that’s good news”.. this is just wrong.

Yeah, you guys have an awesome control over the market: you can raise prices whenever you feel like it, there is a need for it so people pay it. But let us just be honest about it, and not try to make this shit up. Sorry for the cussing, but come on!


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