Mt. Hyjal! SSC! I am a noob! Fun? Not so much.

April 28, 2008


Went to Mt. Hyjal for the first time ever last Friday night! I was excited! And I wiped the raid! And people look at me now with an ‘OMG’!

I went tanking with my Druid. Ran the Druid too far up the hill before a wave, the Necromancers aggroed too far back, couldn’t CC them, wipe ensued. Why did I run up? There was a sheep and I thought “hey, I should pop that sheep and get him before the next wave comes down” – big mistake. Don’t think. Don’t pretend you have the faintest clue what you are doing. Listen and follow the Raid Leader.

We went there for the first time. 3 wipes and it was called, last wipe was attributed to me. Although, I saw a different problem (aside from me trying to think) – we don’t have enough DPS.

Yes, I said it. Took way too long to get those waves down, and at wave 6-7 we would have too many mobs to kill. Mobs, mind you, that one-shot everything that is not constantly covered by heals like a tank.

Then, we went to SSC to down the Lurker. I was tanking again (tanking to protect melee on the inner circle, and to take adds that head that way), towards the end of the fight I was stuck in the water after a spout, moved away from my spot under water to get back up and ended up on a different spot on top of the platform.

Heared a collective ‘here he goes again *SIGH*” “dude, where are you”, “dude you are in the wrong spot”, “duuuuude”. Then, as I was heading back to my assigned spot, got grabbed by a fountain w/e you called it and got kicked out about 1/2 mile. Literally, 1/2 a mile. I could barely see the platform I was so far away. After Lurker was downed, RL said “rez the noob”. That did hurt, I can tell you.

Well, so it happened. I made a mistake (or maybe 2 within 2 hours) and I paid for it. But there is no reason to get treated like you are an idiot and you don’t know what you are doing.

This is a game. People interact with each other. Too many people are jerks. If you are in a guild, that guild needs to treat you with respect.  Otherwise, it is too much like real life — sometimes I feel like I don’t get respected at the job I am doing either. So, what do you think my gut reaction is if I get treated like that in the game? I get pissed. Damn straight. I was very close to sending out that /gquit “- screw you guys, I am going home”.

I did not. Why? One of the reasons has been that I don’t want to miss out on raids, badges and loot. Now that I wrote that, I started thinking that maybe that is the wrong reason.

I do miss the casual guild that I used to be in, before it changed, fell apart and people scattered all over the place. People were friendly to each other, friendships developed, good times. But they were casual. A Kara run would still be crazy fantasy, even these days. I wouldn’t be able to deal with that either.

So, 30 minute Mags and Gruul runs and 3 hour – full Kara clears sound good? Yeah, it does. Am I selling out my principles for that? I don’t know. I will have to find out.

One guy (the only real guy I know from before, used to be a nice guy, untl he started raiding in this guild and became an officer recently) sent me a tell after the SSC run. “You need to pay more attention. Lol.”

I replied with “I got stuck under the platform etc etc”, to which he responded with “then you should practice jumping.”

OK, I can take a little bit, but that blew me up. I have been feeling like that the GL and RL don’t really care too much for me being in the guild lately anyway, so I said if they have a problem, because if they do, I should maybe consider moving on. To which he responded “you are alway taking this sooo seriously.”

Ever heard this, or “it is just a game”? Yeah, sure, a game. No big deal. What-the-fck-ever.

There are people you deal with, stress situations, drama, a whole slew of things that you encounter that take this game way past the actual game character. Ever met a person that gets you riled up on purpose, punches your buttons and then just says “hey, just kidding, calm down”? Those are the kind of people that I would like to suckerpunch and tell them, hey man, just kidding, calm down yourSELF.


Anyway. Will see how this raiding thing turns out. It is cool to be in TK, SSC and all that, but after all, the raids always burn down to:

Encounter  = ( special abilities ) + ( this is how we deal with it )

Every. Single. One. It is always just about memorizing (click the cube zomg, jump from the platform before quill zomg, don’t aggro while he changes forms zomg, BAD INFERNAL MOVE) and repeating.

I like being part of a raid. I like learning encounters. I like the bragging (I have been to Mt Hyjal). I like the phat lewtz.

I don’t like having it to do with 9 or 24 other people. LOL. I want to be in a raid where people have FUN.

The guild I am in doesn’t have fun. They execute strategies and move on. Sound boring? It is. They may succeed in getting me to get tired of it.




Zerstoerungswut or the Art of the Destruction Warlock

April 28, 2008

“Zerstörungswut” (look it up yourself :-)) is what happened to my Warlock after I decided to respec him to 0/21/40 Destruction last week. I love it. I need to replace most of his gear (started to), but seeing those 6k+ Shadowbolts pop up on your screen is beeeeeeeawtifull. Especially when soloing and Backlash triggers, and the Bolts crit, oh lordy. Double-BAM in your face. 🙂

The Warlock is fun again. I got so bored with Affliction and was towards the bottom of the damage meters anyway, so I thought “why the hell not” and did it.

I like spamming critting Shadowbolts. Its like zoning out after tanking and healing an instance. I recommend that anyone who has a tank or healing character level and gear a DPS class. Keeps you mentally balanced. 🙂

Money Money Money

April 28, 2008

So I started the SSO dailies in earnest this weekend. I did all the SSO related quests on Sunwell Isle and in the Outlands, plus some Blades Edge and SMV/Netherwing quests for maximum coinage. about 17 quests and around 300 Gold. And I did it once on the Druid and once on the Lock each day. I went from 300 to 2000 Gold in 3 days. I like that. 🙂

Takes me about 2 hours per character. I only do the quick and easy quests, and I actually decided to not do the Netherwing quests any more — never done them before on either character, and I still don’t care.

Why the Gold? Well, Priest needs her epic flying mount and gear at 70. 🙂

Tanking + Healing = srs bsns

April 28, 2008

My druid spent some time in Ramparts yesterday. Fun times..

Sunday morning I went into Ramps with my Priest, healing for a half guild / half pug group. My Priest was the highest level being 63 (still wanted to give the staff drop off Omor another chance, hell, get XP too, so why not), the Pally tank was a 60, Mage was a 60, Hunter was 59 and a feral Druid was 61). I knew that although the instance is posted as 58+, it is a fairly tough run if you are not in the 61-62 level range. There are a lot of relatively hard pulls and the mobs hit for a lot (imagine 2 destroyers on a 60 Pally tank — constant heals).

We did good though, I managed to keep the group healed nicely – also due to my new rotation: I use Renews on the tank and a combination of Flash Heals + Greater Heals. I used to only use Greater Heals (different ranks), but ever since Slave Pens (yes, I healed a guild run last weekend too, Bosses FTL — very tough) I decided to change that to have a more even flow of heals going. This is where being shadow sucks: no shorter Greater Heal times (it is a 3 second cast, takes forever if your tank is almost getting 2 shotted), no bonus effects to the heals. I had a weak moment debating whether I should just go back to Disc/Holy and level her up that way instead. I have gained almost all the levels through running Ramps + BF + some SP, I have not even started any quests in Zanga yet!

Anyway.. back to the Ramps run. So, run went well, we downed Omor (guess what, no staff drop – LOL) and were facing the last challenge: Nazan and his Dragon.

This is a very tough encounter for a PUG. The dragon’s fireballs hit for a ton of damage, they put a dot on you, and he has a fire breath that does another ton of damage to the tank. With people getting hit by the fireballs, staring at themselves while they are burning (and NOT MOVING :-/), plus the tank getting 2-shot by the fire breath, we wiped twice very quickly. During those attempts, I suggested different strategies, but they did not work out and people were getting impatient (nice run is a good thing, but you wipe in a group and the patience runs out VERY quick). So I said, screw it, and I brought in my hawt Sherman Druid tank to wrap it up. And wrap up I did. Sometimes, you have to cut your losses and just move on. 🙂

The second time in Ramps was the heroic daily. I tanked a random PUG last night. I have actually never tanked Ramps before. DPSd, yeah, healed, yeah. But not tanked. I asked for lead right away (lets not waste time with miscommunication, just let me mark 🙂 ). This was a good group setup — Mage, 2 Hunters and a Priest, so it looked like there was a high chance for success. And we did good. I took my time, LOS pulled many mobs, Hunters were on top of their trapping (have they maybe learnt their trade at BRK?), Mage was paying attention and re-sheeping if needed. The only issue was the damn dragon again *sigh*.

The Priest had issues keeping me healed up. She would let me go down to 30/40%, keep Renews going but the heals were not too often and not too quick. We wiped twice because I did not get healed enough.

So I told her of the PUG-Priest-who-needs-healing-equation. In a boss fight, the only players that NEED to stay alive are: tank, healer, DPS. If we lose 1/2 DPS, no big deal, we take longer, and if you don’t run out of mana healing, we are fine. DPS was not to happy about it (the Hunter leading the damage meter made sure to post it in group chat to validate his claim to be kept alive 🙂 ), but agreed to maintain themselves where needed by bandaging and using pots and such (what a fantastic concept, you being responsible for yourself).

Long story short, 3rd attempt we succeeded, I died at around 2-3% boss health, group was able to finish him up. Lesson for my Priest: never let the tank die. Ever. 🙂

We proceeded to kill Omor after that. They must have nerfed him significantly. I remember running Heroic Ramps on the lock and we would just get completely chewed up and spit out by his fel hounds. This time, only 2 hounds spawned. After my lengthy intro to the group (“Felhounds suck, will kill you, stay spread apart from each other, etc etc”), the group was actually wondering if this was really the whole fight: it was over in like 30 seconds. 🙂 I was positively surprised.

Anyway, I think that tanking + healing are the 2 toughest jobs in this game, period. DPSing is easy sauce. You can quote me on that.

Tanking trinket! + 62! + Destro Lock!

April 23, 2008
  • Waldengel was lucky on her 2nd heroic MGT run: the Commendation of Kael’thas dropped (+57 sta trinket)! Never again will I _have_ to run it! 🙂
    Raid buffed she is at 20k+ hp and 32kish armor now with 35+% dodge! 🙂
  • Heilerin hit 62! She is an awesome healer and does a good bit of damage (around 300 dps) to boot. I really like that spec.. with healing gear, she is at around +500 bonus healing with around 7.2k mana 😉 Definitely a viable healer. I tried healing on a SP PUG, but she was 61 at the time, and the first boss is extremely healing intensive. Going to have to practice that more.
  • I respecced Deutscher! He is now a 0/21/40 Destruction Lock. The gear blows — although all epics (Shadoweave set + Battlecast set + other nice stuff), it SUCKS for Destro.. Destro is all about spell hit + crit. He needs to hit the 202 spell hit cap and get up to about 25% crit with basic buffs (not full raid buffs) before this spec is seriously useful. He gets NICE 5-6k shadowbolt crits (and believe me, after 1 year as Affliction lock a fat crit popping up on your screen is something that you really really get excited about 🙂 ), even had a 4.4k immolate crit last night, but in a raid environment with other locks geared in s2/s3/t5 gear, it is far from being viable. :-(.Anyway, I am excited, because I know that the spec has a TON of potential.. after all, he does the same dps output now as he did as affliction, so I am on the right path. 🙂 He is my ‘project’, so to speak. Went to Mags and Gruuls last night with him, he lost the rolls on both T4 chest AND legs. GAH! Ah well, another time. He also hit honored with Shattered Sun Offensive and got the VoidShatter enchant. That’s nice, but useless, since he needs a runed Eternium rod to do the enchant. Which in turns costs around 5-600g to make. So, screw that. At a later date maybe, but even with voids going for 25g and 1 large shard going for 25g, it won’t be worth it.

I like the other method a lot better. But I ain’t telling, because then everyone is gonna do it! 🙂

UPDATE: the new 2.4.2 patch will reduce the Void Shatter enchant to 0 cooldown. This means that people will be cranking out the Large Prismatic Shards like there is no tomorrow before the price will drop. Which will happen. So, get rid of those shards while you can.. in 3-4 weeks time, I predict that the average price of 1 shard will be no more than 10g. Quote me on that. Or not, since no one reads this blog. 🙂

I R survived Heroic Magister’s Terrace

April 17, 2008

I went in there last night, tanking for an excellent group of people: a hunter who could double-trap, a rogue with insance DPS, an excellent mage and an awesome Pally healer. We cleared that place out, 1 wipe due to me overseeing a Blood Knight hiding in the corner when I marked one room (duh!). 4 learning wipes at Kael — there is no way to kill that shield before he shoots his 50000 hp pyro at me. That is a hard encounter for a druid.. Wowwikie says: “Druid tanks are out of luck”. 😦

The key would be to drop the threat, so rogue would get targeted, then he can cheat death and avoid pyro. Or, with a Pally, he can BOP and prevent it as well.

I told those guys (awesome group) that I will be running this instance once a day now until I get my tanking trinket off 3rd boss. I will try to see if I still have Hypnotist’s Watch laying around in my bank — or any other threat-reducing trinket.. I could also try to Cower in cat form, but switching to cat + hitting cower in time + possible resist… not sure.. I’ll just have to try it. 🙂

We did clear MGT after about 4 attempts. We decided to just stop healing me once he starts casting his pyro and save the Pally’s mana.. I also threw an innervate on him right before I died — I am SO nice! Hah!

The non-caster DPS trinket dropped off 3rd boss btw. Nice trinket, I would have used it for cat, but I let the DPSers have it.. eventually, they will already have it if it drops again, and I will GRAB it. 🙂

My characters – Armory links

April 16, 2008

I realized I never published the armory links:

Waldengel, 70 Druid
Deutscher, 70 Warlock
Heilerin, STB 70 Priest