Zerstoerungswut Teil 2

I did get the hood crafted, equipped it with 3 x +8 spell crit (Gleaming Dawnstones). I am at 24.75% spell crit now with Adept’s Elixir + Skullfish Soup. I love it. Spellfire Infusion + Shiffar’s Nexus Horn proc + Arcane Revenge (I think it’s called, from the Robe) all going off at the same time, I think I was hovering at around 1400 bonus spell damage. o.O

Ran ZA last night, I almost pulled aggro many times. That is a good sign dps-wise. Gotta keep that threat under control though, it will get me in trouble! 🙂

Good times. This is the spec the Warlock is intended to be.  With Succy sacrificed, +15% spell damage, with Felhunter sacrificed, 3% of total regen every 5 secs, which translated means, you never ever run out of mana. I use the Felhunter DS when I farm. I never have to lifetap.

Good times.

Deutscher, 70 Warlock


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