Slack – how do I hate thee


There is a lot of things I can forgive. Seriously. I usually am very good at ignoring failures of others as long as they do not impact me directly. But if they do, I have to deal with it.

Everybody makes mistakes. I make tons.

However, there are 2 things that piss me off if people do it:

– being inconsiderate of others

– being a slacker and impacting others with that attitude

Hey, if you are on your own, do whatever you want. I do not care. If you are supposed to be part of a team however, don’t slack. You are wasting the time of others.

One example: Karazhan.

These days, Kara is pretty much understood as a badge-farm-lets-get-it-over-with raid instance. You can clear that instance in about 2.5 – 3 hours flat with a good + geared group, with the only boss left being the animal boss/es. 22 easy badges.

If you are in a group that really cares and focuses.

Plus, unless you hit some bad infernals with Prince, or Shade is grumpy, you don’t wipe.

We wiped over a half-dozen times last night. This was one of the most frustrating raids I have attended in a long time. I had to fully repair twice (went with Lock). One death was my fault, I was a noob and pulled aggro at Attumen. There were wipes based on early pulls, undergeared healers running out of mana, tanks dieing in the middle of fight. 1 or 2 may have been just being unlucky.

I understand that sometimes, people have a bad night. There are nights were you shouldn’t raid. Farm, grind, doing AH or just plainly watch TV. I think yesterday was one such night.

I do have that sneaking suspicion that people don’t take Kara seriously anymore. Some may do other things while they raid, like watch TV.

If I would watch TV, I wouldn’t raid. Hell, I can’t even farm while I watch TV. That’s my problem, but I know about it and I deal with it.

I do still take Kara serious. Kara kicks your ass all over the place if you don’t pay attention.

I understand if we had a bad night. But then, for example, one hunter thought he is so uber, he MDd some mobs to a buddy of his while we were on the way from Maiden to Opera. He thought that because 90% of the raid is still in the Maiden’s room, and him and his buddy are by himself, he could pull it off. Well, it so happened that his buddy didn’t click off the MD, someone else got killed, somehow the mobs were kited back to the group and the group had to deal with it. This is crap.

Now, I know that this is something that the group didn’t think was funny either. At the same time, I have a feeling that they just don’t care about Kara anymore.

This is were slack and half-ass-ness (making this a word, this is my blog, so put up with it. 🙂 ) comes into play. We spent about 6 hours there. I was drained after about 2.5, did not even care about the remaining 15 badges anymore. I basically felt like I wasted my Sunday afternoon and evening because other people did not pay attention or just did not care. I did not want to leave the raid though, as there were not really anybody else available and I did not want to kill the raid for the others.

I think that if we would have been fully focused on it we could have gotten this done a lot earlier.

Now, I can waste a Saturday no problem. I hate wasting Sundays, because the workweek starts on the next day, and I want to have the feeling that I enjoyed myself. I did not yesterday. In fact, I was so annoyed that I am considering taking a week off ‘the game’.

Rather than getting frustrated about the game .. and yes, that is where all you ‘ITS JUST A GAME’-nubcakes come in and get their 2 sec fame.. I should just take a breather from it.

BTW, DPS-wise I did good. I was in the top 3 that night I think. I usually reset my damage meter multiple times during a Kara raid, as either certain aspects of the instance are not caster-friendly and do not count (e.g. room after Curator), or because I want to single out boss- damage from trashmobs. At any given point my dps was shown as being between 800 and 1200 DPS, so I am going with 900ish raid-buffed. Not too bad.


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