Long slog to 70

.. if you don’t quest. I just can’t bring myself to quest on the Priest for the life of me. Killing mobs is mindnumbing with Smite/Smite/HF/MB/etc. etc., it takes forever and I really don’t care about doing the same quests over and over again that I already did on the Lock and the Druid. I am doing the ‘good quests’ though — did Ring of Blood last night (she hit 65 yesterday) and got the very nice staff . Ill also hit up any sort of quest chains that lead to dungeon runs. The Priest is already honored with the Consortium, since she has healed MT 3 times already. šŸ™‚

She’ll definitely get to 70, it just will take a lot longer than on any of the other toons. I also have the feeling that healing will be a major part of my game play once she does, which will be interesting, I am sure.

We will see.


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