Short term plans:

– get Priest to 70 + equip her with some basic ‘good’ gear. I am exceptionally lazy in questing with her — this will take a while. I just can’t bring myself to do any of the quests anymore. Really odd.

– get the Badge Chest and S2 Staff for the Warlock and push him to 25% spell crit unbuffed. Maybe also get him another T4 drop from Mags, Gruuls or Prince to get the T4 set bonus. I will get the S2 staff once Season 4 hits and you will be able to purchase it with honor points only (and marks). This will be a nice upgrade over the Curator’s staff drop.

UPDATE: Prince dropped the T4 piece for the Warlock last weekend! The ‘Flameshadow’-buff (the T4-2-set piece bonus) procs quite often 🙂


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