100 badges! No more BGs!


Deutscher hit 27k honor points yesterday, so he should have enough to get the S2 staff once it is purchasable by honor points (in a couple of weeks when S4 comes out). No more BGs!

Also, he got his 100th badge yesterday, so he was able to get the Tormented Demonsoul Robe! We also ran Gruuls last night, and he was able to pick up the Brute Cloak of the Ogre Magi, a cloak that has a ton of +spell crit on it (+1 % spell crit!). I was able to re-balance the gems somewhat, so he is hit-capped out at 204 with almost 24% spell crit unbuffed. He will push to almost 26% once he gets the staff.

He does about 830-1200 DPS at this point, depending on the situation. I tested out the cloak in heroic Mech, and getting 8 5000-6000 crits in a row is disgusting. I love it.



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