Done with BGs yet PLS? / Guild merger

May 14, 2008

I am currently working on gathering around 25k honor points in order to pick up the S2 caster staff once S4 hits and S2 will be purchasable through honor points. This morning I was at around 18.5k, with about 7-8k still to go.



– forget Warsong Gulch. It is not winnable unless you are in a pre-made. If they know what needs to be done.

– forget Arathi Basin. Same reasons.

– Eye of the Storm: meh. Sometimes I am in good groups that actually win (I have even seen 4-caps OMG), but not enough honor points. Takes too long.

Which leaves Alterac Valley. This one is usually a hit-or-miss. Either you win the BG in the first 10 minutes or you have a 90% chance of wasting your time and losing it. There is the slim chance that the tables can be turned so Alliance wins an AV by reinforcements, but that is a rare case. I was lucky and have been part of some really good PuGs that just kill Galv, take IBT, TP while another group rushes to RH and takes the Frostwolf towers as well, then we gather and kill Drek. I think that happens to me about 1 in 5 games, so it is not the worst ratio. And you get between 350 and 550 honor points, so this seems to be the fastest and most efficient way to rack up the points I need.

I am still looking forward to getting all the points I need though and then to be done with it. This gets old pretty quick.

On other news, my guild merged with another guild. This resulted in almost 30 70s to be online last night with one SSC run and 1 ZA run going at the same time. Wow. This is definitely promising and I am looking forward to us getting the details hashed out (run schedule etc).

I personally did not like the fact that officers decided to run SSC and ZA at the same time. I for example would love to run SSC and other 25 man raids, but I need badges, and ZA drops way more in terms of that.

I would say that it would make more sense to have the ‘cool’ runs going on dedicated nights.. 25 man raid and 10 mans separated. Sure you can have 2 10 mans going at the same time, but don’t mix 25 mans with 10 mans.. A 25 man raid is much more srs bsns, and I think people would rather go do 10 mans then 25 mans, so if given the choice, the 25 man raid loses out. My theory.

Either way. More people means more chances to do things in the first place, so let us just see where this is heading.


Mt. Hyjal! SSC! I am a noob! Fun? Not so much.

April 28, 2008


Went to Mt. Hyjal for the first time ever last Friday night! I was excited! And I wiped the raid! And people look at me now with an ‘OMG’!

I went tanking with my Druid. Ran the Druid too far up the hill before a wave, the Necromancers aggroed too far back, couldn’t CC them, wipe ensued. Why did I run up? There was a sheep and I thought “hey, I should pop that sheep and get him before the next wave comes down” – big mistake. Don’t think. Don’t pretend you have the faintest clue what you are doing. Listen and follow the Raid Leader.

We went there for the first time. 3 wipes and it was called, last wipe was attributed to me. Although, I saw a different problem (aside from me trying to think) – we don’t have enough DPS.

Yes, I said it. Took way too long to get those waves down, and at wave 6-7 we would have too many mobs to kill. Mobs, mind you, that one-shot everything that is not constantly covered by heals like a tank.

Then, we went to SSC to down the Lurker. I was tanking again (tanking to protect melee on the inner circle, and to take adds that head that way), towards the end of the fight I was stuck in the water after a spout, moved away from my spot under water to get back up and ended up on a different spot on top of the platform.

Heared a collective ‘here he goes again *SIGH*” “dude, where are you”, “dude you are in the wrong spot”, “duuuuude”. Then, as I was heading back to my assigned spot, got grabbed by a fountain w/e you called it and got kicked out about 1/2 mile. Literally, 1/2 a mile. I could barely see the platform I was so far away. After Lurker was downed, RL said “rez the noob”. That did hurt, I can tell you.

Well, so it happened. I made a mistake (or maybe 2 within 2 hours) and I paid for it. But there is no reason to get treated like you are an idiot and you don’t know what you are doing.

This is a game. People interact with each other. Too many people are jerks. If you are in a guild, that guild needs to treat you with respect.  Otherwise, it is too much like real life — sometimes I feel like I don’t get respected at the job I am doing either. So, what do you think my gut reaction is if I get treated like that in the game? I get pissed. Damn straight. I was very close to sending out that /gquit “- screw you guys, I am going home”.

I did not. Why? One of the reasons has been that I don’t want to miss out on raids, badges and loot. Now that I wrote that, I started thinking that maybe that is the wrong reason.

I do miss the casual guild that I used to be in, before it changed, fell apart and people scattered all over the place. People were friendly to each other, friendships developed, good times. But they were casual. A Kara run would still be crazy fantasy, even these days. I wouldn’t be able to deal with that either.

So, 30 minute Mags and Gruul runs and 3 hour – full Kara clears sound good? Yeah, it does. Am I selling out my principles for that? I don’t know. I will have to find out.

One guy (the only real guy I know from before, used to be a nice guy, untl he started raiding in this guild and became an officer recently) sent me a tell after the SSC run. “You need to pay more attention. Lol.”

I replied with “I got stuck under the platform etc etc”, to which he responded with “then you should practice jumping.”

OK, I can take a little bit, but that blew me up. I have been feeling like that the GL and RL don’t really care too much for me being in the guild lately anyway, so I said if they have a problem, because if they do, I should maybe consider moving on. To which he responded “you are alway taking this sooo seriously.”

Ever heard this, or “it is just a game”? Yeah, sure, a game. No big deal. What-the-fck-ever.

There are people you deal with, stress situations, drama, a whole slew of things that you encounter that take this game way past the actual game character. Ever met a person that gets you riled up on purpose, punches your buttons and then just says “hey, just kidding, calm down”? Those are the kind of people that I would like to suckerpunch and tell them, hey man, just kidding, calm down yourSELF.


Anyway. Will see how this raiding thing turns out. It is cool to be in TK, SSC and all that, but after all, the raids always burn down to:

Encounter  = ( special abilities ) + ( this is how we deal with it )

Every. Single. One. It is always just about memorizing (click the cube zomg, jump from the platform before quill zomg, don’t aggro while he changes forms zomg, BAD INFERNAL MOVE) and repeating.

I like being part of a raid. I like learning encounters. I like the bragging (I have been to Mt Hyjal). I like the phat lewtz.

I don’t like having it to do with 9 or 24 other people. LOL. I want to be in a raid where people have FUN.

The guild I am in doesn’t have fun. They execute strategies and move on. Sound boring? It is. They may succeed in getting me to get tired of it.



What to do?

April 9, 2008

Inspired by a posting made by CassieAnn of BBB (article can be found here, I feel like I would like to share my thoughts on this as well. I am lazy, so I am just pasting what I have posted as a response to her article:


I have such fond memories of places like LBRS, UBRS and Ony — those were the first raids I was part of when I got my first 60 in Aug 06 after having had played the game for 1-2 months. Back in the days it was SO exciting for me to be in a raid — I finally had reached endgame!

I had a similar excitement when Kara came out — in my guild I was the first one to hit 70, the first one to be fully Kara attuned. SO proud of myself when I first stepped foot into Kara. I was RL, officer, got people attuned.

Then it hit me — it became to strenous trying to get a group together and to get them to go into Karazhan. If we did, we never got past Moroes (the nightmares – lol). Eventually, the most skilled players left the guild and joined raiding guilds. Eventually, I got frustrated, stepped down as RL and officer and even quit the game for a little while.

I came back, saw that the guild wasn’t going anywhere — there was not enough interest in running Kara, and other guilds were already further.. So I started going onto a journey, jumping between raiding guilds, never being able to find the one that suits my needs… to fulfill my desire to be part of the ‘real raids’.

These days, running Kara is more or less a necessary evil for a lot of raiding guilds.. they just want to get done with it to get badges, get alts geared up, etc. No fun there.

The 25 man raids are srs bsns, as Carrie stated (I like that abbreviation). Mags and Gruul on farm, everybody get in, get out, lets work on Hydross etc etc..

No fun there.

And, oh god, have a bad night and wipe on Mags and Gruuls and hell breaks loose.

No fun there.

Ironically, I started leveling up a disc/holy priest since I always wanted to have a priest, and right now I’d rather level that priest and run pugs every once in a while than wanting to attend a srs bsns raid. Not even the loot drops excite me.

What is wrong with me? I think I just want to have fun and enjoy the game, but maybe I don’t have the ‘right’ attitude. I am not sure. Maybe I am just burned out and need to move on.


What a day :-/

April 2, 2008

Ran regular MGT yesterday on my lock. I wiped the group 3 times. I almost threw the keyboard out of the window. All 3 wipes were noob wipes too. This had never happened to me before, I was so embarrassed. I feared mobs into groups etc etc, just stupid stuff. We weren’t able to finish the run either, ran out of time and had to get ready for the raids. I sat out on Mags (by choice), I was so upset about my abysmal performance that I had to recover. I ran Gruuls after that, on my druid. I did feel like a noob, since I actually never downed Gruul before… I was assigned to tank Olm, but he kept running around and death coiling me, I barely had a chance to get a decent amount of threat. I need to read up on that fight some more.

Then, with Gruul at 200k HP, my PC locked up HARD and I had to reboot. Turned out the whole raid wiped because it happened to a bunch of other people too. We took him down without any issues on our second attempt.

I have to admit that I hate not being top-DPS or most experienced. I used to before I joined this guild. 🙂

On the other hand, maybe this is exactly what I need.. I experience new content I have not seen before and there is always a lot to learn. It is never good to get stuck in your own ways for too long. Change is good. It is hard, but it is good.

joined a raiding guild with the 70s..

March 28, 2008

I joined a raiding guild with my druid and my lock. The guild is nicely progressed into SSC and TK. My gear sucks. 🙂

Never experienced a group before where my lock was #5 on damage. GAH! Feel like a noob! 🙂

But its fun regardless. I have never experienced those instances before, and I am glad I finally get to. 🙂 For me, it is more about the fun about being part of a good team than getting the loot. Although obviously I need better gear now. 😉 So its a win-win either way.

I am in a casual guild with my priest — they are focused on raiding pre-BC, which is hilarious. I tanked parts of MC the other night and I am looking forward on healing the 60+ raids on my priest – nice loot for sure. 😉

Tonight I may be tanking AQ20. Raiding guild goes into ZA, I don’t care too much for that.

I also tanked the new Magister’s Terrace on the druid, twice so far. The 5-mob pulls suck. Some of the bosses are immune to growl/lacerate, so I have to sit there mauling and mangling them until I have enough threat. That is hard on the dps’ers who can BARELY hold back long enough. Many wipes ensued on those runs. Not sure how much I like MGT — the bosses are neat, mobs blow. This instance must be a nightmare on heroic.. think Heroic SH and SL combined with a dash of MT.

Killing Kael’thas FTW though. ‘I KILLED KAEL!’


No cake 4 U

March 6, 2008

Stayed at work late last night, came home and logged onto my druid as soon as I could, at 7:02 PM. Main guild’s raid starts at 7. No spots for me. Gah! 

Farmed 1 1/2 primal fire (lock needed it to make a pair of Shadowcloth). Logged onto priest and queued her for SM, got into a group, PC crashed. I was like, ah well, turned the PC off and went to bed.

Meh! 🙂

Me want to raid

March 3, 2008

I love to raid. But I dont have 7 nights @ 6 hours a week to raid. Therein lies my personal problem. I know my chars (lock, druid and an upcoming holy priest) very well, but I can’t use them because I am not in a guild where I can use those chars to their full potential since I cannot make the 7-12 PM server time every day that many raiding guilds (at least on Rexxar it seems) employ.

A casual raiding guild would probably be the first match for me, because of the looser restrictions. However, many players in a casual raiding guilds are wanna-be raiders: they want to raid because its cool, but they dont want to put in the commitment that is required. They don’t care about being prepared or want to put in time that is needed to learn a fight. They complain about repair bills, as if others would not have to pay them as well.

A ‘hardcore raiding guild’, or ‘regular raiding guild’ as I would call them is of course different. People know their place, know what they need to do and do it in a professional manner. But you are usually required to attend most of the days. If you don’t, you lose your spot.

I just want to raid, enjoy the team atmosphere. The feeling of accomplishment in the game when you clear the raid instance. I enjoy the ability to get together with a bunch of people and ‘conquer’ an instance.

Thats my dilemma :-/ I want to explore and experience the game, but I can’t find a guild I can do it with, considering the time commitment. I want to eat the cake and keep it.

Hmmm, cake.