What to do?

April 9, 2008

Inspired by a posting made by CassieAnn of BBB (article can be found here, I feel like I would like to share my thoughts on this as well. I am lazy, so I am just pasting what I have posted as a response to her article:


I have such fond memories of places like LBRS, UBRS and Ony — those were the first raids I was part of when I got my first 60 in Aug 06 after having had played the game for 1-2 months. Back in the days it was SO exciting for me to be in a raid — I finally had reached endgame!

I had a similar excitement when Kara came out — in my guild I was the first one to hit 70, the first one to be fully Kara attuned. SO proud of myself when I first stepped foot into Kara. I was RL, officer, got people attuned.

Then it hit me — it became to strenous trying to get a group together and to get them to go into Karazhan. If we did, we never got past Moroes (the nightmares – lol). Eventually, the most skilled players left the guild and joined raiding guilds. Eventually, I got frustrated, stepped down as RL and officer and even quit the game for a little while.

I came back, saw that the guild wasn’t going anywhere — there was not enough interest in running Kara, and other guilds were already further.. So I started going onto a journey, jumping between raiding guilds, never being able to find the one that suits my needs… to fulfill my desire to be part of the ‘real raids’.

These days, running Kara is more or less a necessary evil for a lot of raiding guilds.. they just want to get done with it to get badges, get alts geared up, etc. No fun there.

The 25 man raids are srs bsns, as Carrie stated (I like that abbreviation). Mags and Gruul on farm, everybody get in, get out, lets work on Hydross etc etc..

No fun there.

And, oh god, have a bad night and wipe on Mags and Gruuls and hell breaks loose.

No fun there.

Ironically, I started leveling up a disc/holy priest since I always wanted to have a priest, and right now I’d rather level that priest and run pugs every once in a while than wanting to attend a srs bsns raid. Not even the loot drops excite me.

What is wrong with me? I think I just want to have fun and enjoy the game, but maybe I don’t have the ‘right’ attitude. I am not sure. Maybe I am just burned out and need to move on.



What a day :-/

April 2, 2008

Ran regular MGT yesterday on my lock. I wiped the group 3 times. I almost threw the keyboard out of the window. All 3 wipes were noob wipes too. This had never happened to me before, I was so embarrassed. I feared mobs into groups etc etc, just stupid stuff. We weren’t able to finish the run either, ran out of time and had to get ready for the raids. I sat out on Mags (by choice), I was so upset about my abysmal performance that I had to recover. I ran Gruuls after that, on my druid. I did feel like a noob, since I actually never downed Gruul before… I was assigned to tank Olm, but he kept running around and death coiling me, I barely had a chance to get a decent amount of threat. I need to read up on that fight some more.

Then, with Gruul at 200k HP, my PC locked up HARD and I had to reboot. Turned out the whole raid wiped because it happened to a bunch of other people too. We took him down without any issues on our second attempt.

I have to admit that I hate not being top-DPS or most experienced. I used to before I joined this guild. 🙂

On the other hand, maybe this is exactly what I need.. I experience new content I have not seen before and there is always a lot to learn. It is never good to get stuck in your own ways for too long. Change is good. It is hard, but it is good.

joined a raiding guild with the 70s..

March 28, 2008

I joined a raiding guild with my druid and my lock. The guild is nicely progressed into SSC and TK. My gear sucks. 🙂

Never experienced a group before where my lock was #5 on damage. GAH! Feel like a noob! 🙂

But its fun regardless. I have never experienced those instances before, and I am glad I finally get to. 🙂 For me, it is more about the fun about being part of a good team than getting the loot. Although obviously I need better gear now. 😉 So its a win-win either way.

I am in a casual guild with my priest — they are focused on raiding pre-BC, which is hilarious. I tanked parts of MC the other night and I am looking forward on healing the 60+ raids on my priest – nice loot for sure. 😉

Tonight I may be tanking AQ20. Raiding guild goes into ZA, I don’t care too much for that.

I also tanked the new Magister’s Terrace on the druid, twice so far. The 5-mob pulls suck. Some of the bosses are immune to growl/lacerate, so I have to sit there mauling and mangling them until I have enough threat. That is hard on the dps’ers who can BARELY hold back long enough. Many wipes ensued on those runs. Not sure how much I like MGT — the bosses are neat, mobs blow. This instance must be a nightmare on heroic.. think Heroic SH and SL combined with a dash of MT.

Killing Kael’thas FTW though. ‘I KILLED KAEL!’