High Chance of Disc/Holy Tonight

April 28, 2008

I decided to re-spec the Priest again. She will go back to Disc/Holy. I will try to get her to crank out as much holy damage as possible to make questing doable, we will see. I shall report on it.

I just want her to be able to heal SP/UB/MT and all that stuff without having to worry about maybe being in a sub-optimal spec. Her DPS in Shadow is not that great compared to regular DPS same- and 1/2- levels below. I can only crank out so many Mind Blasts, Mind Flays, SW-P and SW-Ds, and it is still subpar. The only reason why I could justify it is for solo-questing. Will see how bad Disc/Holy does.


Tanking + Healing = srs bsns

April 28, 2008

My druid spent some time in Ramparts yesterday. Fun times..

Sunday morning I went into Ramps with my Priest, healing for a half guild / half pug group. My Priest was the highest level being 63 (still wanted to give the staff drop off Omor another chance, hell, get XP too, so why not), the Pally tank was a 60, Mage was a 60, Hunter was 59 and a feral Druid was 61). I knew that although the instance is posted as 58+, it is a fairly tough run if you are not in the 61-62 level range. There are a lot of relatively hard pulls and the mobs hit for a lot (imagine 2 destroyers on a 60 Pally tank — constant heals).

We did good though, I managed to keep the group healed nicely – also due to my new rotation: I use Renews on the tank and a combination of Flash Heals + Greater Heals. I used to only use Greater Heals (different ranks), but ever since Slave Pens (yes, I healed a guild run last weekend too, Bosses FTL — very tough) I decided to change that to have a more even flow of heals going. This is where being shadow sucks: no shorter Greater Heal times (it is a 3 second cast, takes forever if your tank is almost getting 2 shotted), no bonus effects to the heals. I had a weak moment debating whether I should just go back to Disc/Holy and level her up that way instead. I have gained almost all the levels through running Ramps + BF + some SP, I have not even started any quests in Zanga yet!

Anyway.. back to the Ramps run. So, run went well, we downed Omor (guess what, no staff drop – LOL) and were facing the last challenge: Nazan and his Dragon.

This is a very tough encounter for a PUG. The dragon’s fireballs hit for a ton of damage, they put a dot on you, and he has a fire breath that does another ton of damage to the tank. With people getting hit by the fireballs, staring at themselves while they are burning (and NOT MOVING :-/), plus the tank getting 2-shot by the fire breath, we wiped twice very quickly. During those attempts, I suggested different strategies, but they did not work out and people were getting impatient (nice run is a good thing, but you wipe in a group and the patience runs out VERY quick). So I said, screw it, and I brought in my hawt Sherman Druid tank to wrap it up. And wrap up I did. Sometimes, you have to cut your losses and just move on. 🙂

The second time in Ramps was the heroic daily. I tanked a random PUG last night. I have actually never tanked Ramps before. DPSd, yeah, healed, yeah. But not tanked. I asked for lead right away (lets not waste time with miscommunication, just let me mark 🙂 ). This was a good group setup — Mage, 2 Hunters and a Priest, so it looked like there was a high chance for success. And we did good. I took my time, LOS pulled many mobs, Hunters were on top of their trapping (have they maybe learnt their trade at BRK?), Mage was paying attention and re-sheeping if needed. The only issue was the damn dragon again *sigh*.

The Priest had issues keeping me healed up. She would let me go down to 30/40%, keep Renews going but the heals were not too often and not too quick. We wiped twice because I did not get healed enough.

So I told her of the PUG-Priest-who-needs-healing-equation. In a boss fight, the only players that NEED to stay alive are: tank, healer, DPS. If we lose 1/2 DPS, no big deal, we take longer, and if you don’t run out of mana healing, we are fine. DPS was not to happy about it (the Hunter leading the damage meter made sure to post it in group chat to validate his claim to be kept alive 🙂 ), but agreed to maintain themselves where needed by bandaging and using pots and such (what a fantastic concept, you being responsible for yourself).

Long story short, 3rd attempt we succeeded, I died at around 2-3% boss health, group was able to finish him up. Lesson for my Priest: never let the tank die. Ever. 🙂

We proceeded to kill Omor after that. They must have nerfed him significantly. I remember running Heroic Ramps on the lock and we would just get completely chewed up and spit out by his fel hounds. This time, only 2 hounds spawned. After my lengthy intro to the group (“Felhounds suck, will kill you, stay spread apart from each other, etc etc”), the group was actually wondering if this was really the whole fight: it was over in like 30 seconds. 🙂 I was positively surprised.

Anyway, I think that tanking + healing are the 2 toughest jobs in this game, period. DPSing is easy sauce. You can quote me on that.

Tanking trinket! + 62! + Destro Lock!

April 23, 2008
  • Waldengel was lucky on her 2nd heroic MGT run: the Commendation of Kael’thas dropped (+57 sta trinket)! Never again will I _have_ to run it! 🙂
    Raid buffed she is at 20k+ hp and 32kish armor now with 35+% dodge! 🙂
  • Heilerin hit 62! She is an awesome healer and does a good bit of damage (around 300 dps) to boot. I really like that spec.. with healing gear, she is at around +500 bonus healing with around 7.2k mana 😉 Definitely a viable healer. I tried healing on a SP PUG, but she was 61 at the time, and the first boss is extremely healing intensive. Going to have to practice that more.
  • I respecced Deutscher! He is now a 0/21/40 Destruction Lock. The gear blows — although all epics (Shadoweave set + Battlecast set + other nice stuff), it SUCKS for Destro.. Destro is all about spell hit + crit. He needs to hit the 202 spell hit cap and get up to about 25% crit with basic buffs (not full raid buffs) before this spec is seriously useful. He gets NICE 5-6k shadowbolt crits (and believe me, after 1 year as Affliction lock a fat crit popping up on your screen is something that you really really get excited about 🙂 ), even had a 4.4k immolate crit last night, but in a raid environment with other locks geared in s2/s3/t5 gear, it is far from being viable. :-(.Anyway, I am excited, because I know that the spec has a TON of potential.. after all, he does the same dps output now as he did as affliction, so I am on the right path. 🙂 He is my ‘project’, so to speak. Went to Mags and Gruuls last night with him, he lost the rolls on both T4 chest AND legs. GAH! Ah well, another time. He also hit honored with Shattered Sun Offensive and got the VoidShatter enchant. That’s nice, but useless, since he needs a runed Eternium rod to do the enchant. Which in turns costs around 5-600g to make. So, screw that. At a later date maybe, but even with voids going for 25g and 1 large shard going for 25g, it won’t be worth it.

I like the other method a lot better. But I ain’t telling, because then everyone is gonna do it! 🙂

UPDATE: the new 2.4.2 patch will reduce the Void Shatter enchant to 0 cooldown. This means that people will be cranking out the Large Prismatic Shards like there is no tomorrow before the price will drop. Which will happen. So, get rid of those shards while you can.. in 3-4 weeks time, I predict that the average price of 1 shard will be no more than 10g. Quote me on that. Or not, since no one reads this blog. 🙂


April 14, 2008

So, on Friday I had already resorted myself to not running any BRD to level from 57 to 58, but actually go to Winterspring and Silithus and grind my way up there. ARGH – UGH – NOOOOO… I hate Silithus, I hate bugs, especially 57 elite cockroaches and mosquitoes!

And then I was lucky.. I happened to check on the status and whereabouts of one of my buddies, and I saw his 70 lock in BRD. 😉

Well, it turns out that he and another 70 hunter were running through a 53 Paladin, so I told him ‘Dude, you need a healer.’, to which he agreed. It can never hurt to have a healer in a group.. That’s why I like this priest a lot — there will never be anyone saying ‘NO, you can’t come’ to any instance run I want to partake in. 🙂

So anyway.. it took about 5 hours and 2 wipes, but I can proudly report that I have for the first time ever been part of a group that did a complete clear of Blackrock Depths. 🙂 And never again shall I put another step into that instance. 🙂

Plus, I got an ENTIRE level out of that run.. I was 25k XP short of 58, but had yet to turn in 5 yellow and orange quests, which put me a quarter of a level into 58. 🙂

I did the ‘Onyxia march’ (escorting Windsor to defeat the dragon dudes in SW keep), so next up would be an UBRS run to get Ony- and BWL attuned. Yes, I am crazy, but I really would like to raid pre-BC as well. 🙂

Anyway, since she started in Outlands, she has already replaced 90% of her gear with quest- and Ramps/BF-drops and she is halfway through 60. 🙂

Yup, she got her epic mount as well. A swift palomino from Elwynn Forest, since she is exalted with Stormwind. I do want her to get a swift sabercat from Darn, but she needs about 19k more rep to be exalted with those guys.. Did you realize that you get full rep if you do low-level quests for a faction? I did 6-7 Darkshore quests with her and got about 3000 rep out of it. Even a couple hundred XP – 🙂

Leveling in Outlands is easy. Plenty of drops, plenty of XP, plenty of instances to run (heal). It won’t be a problem whatsoever to get her to 70 ASAP.

I respecced her again.. she has 11 points in Disc now (improved Fort and Shield + Inner Focus), rest in Shadow. I will not need to respec again until 70 at least, when she will turn into either a full healer or stays a shadow priest. Depending on what the raids require. Which is good, as I have maxed out the respeccing attempts — its 50g per respec now. SUCKS!



April 9, 2008

Hit 57 last night on the priest. I gave up on trying to heal The Last Big Instance (BRD) — I have 6 yellow quests there, that would probably be around 60000 XP, plus loot, but I am not able to find a good pug for that for the life of mine. And the guild my mains are in (Raiding) certainly don’t care about BRD too much.

Therefore, I decided to go shadow again and just quest my way to 58.. Outland.. somehow looking forward to it — don’t ask me why 😉

I kind of wish I had enough rep with Darnassus to get her a swift saber.. but I am only halfways honored (never did quests in Ashenvale etc – duh!)… maybe I can do low level quests and still get rep.. need to try that out – I want to level up herbalism anyway.

Note to self: try it out.

Shadow priest + PuG pre-70 – No-Go

April 1, 2008

Heilerin is at 51 now. I respecced her back to disc/holy after realizing that there is no place for shadow priests in ST + BRD pugs. They need healers. Lots of healers. :-0

I think the next instance dry-spot I will hit at around 53-54, then I will go back to shadow until I hit 58 and start healing Outland instances.

I realized that you need to be flexible when you play a priest…

She will be a healer once she hits 70. I have yet to decide if I should level up tailoring or just use gear from instance drops. I may do a little bit of both. The ideal would still be the Primal Mooncloth + Whitemend set, but with the new instances, that gear can come naturally as well.. Also, if she is at least in all blues she will be able to heal Kara with no problem, so gear + badges will come en masse as well.

I may just save myself the time and gold involved in leveling up tailoring. 😉

The other profession she has (not skilled up) is herbalism. I may still do that. Once I hit the 55 rough spot (ugh EPL/WPL), I may just chill out for a while and level up that skill.

I am in no hurry — yeah, I do want to hit 70, but I ain’t stressing about it. Plenty of healing opportunities will happen, I know that. 🙂

BTW, in the BRD pug that fell apart after 3 wipes on the first 5 mobs, I realized that my DPS as a shadow priest was on par with a 49 shammy.

hmmmmmmm….. 🙂

Has been a while..

March 28, 2008

I hate how work gets in the way of playing WoW. 🙂

Priest has hit 47 last night. I decided to respec her to Shadow for the time being. DPS is insane compared with Holy/Disc, and there are indeed times when I don’t feel like healing a crazy PuG. 😉

Ill give it a shot and try to heal one tonight with Shadow spec. If it doesn’t work, then Ill keep respeccing before ‘important runs’ — I healed ST once with an awesome PuG.. yes, one of those PuGs that come together every once in a blue moon. Where everyone knows what to do and what his/her job is.

Shadow FTW. Holy/Disc FTW too though. Can’t even recount the number of compliments (‘nice healing’) I got while I have been holy-spec. I do like it too, and she will go back to holy for sure once she hits 70. Until then, I will go back and forth between holy and shadow depending on the requirements.