100 badges! No more BGs!

May 19, 2008


Deutscher hit 27k honor points yesterday, so he should have enough to get the S2 staff once it is purchasable by honor points (in a couple of weeks when S4 comes out). No more BGs!

Also, he got his 100th badge yesterday, so he was able to get the Tormented Demonsoul Robe! We also ran Gruuls last night, and he was able to pick up the Brute Cloak of the Ogre Magi, a cloak that has a ton of +spell crit on it (+1 % spell crit!). I was able to re-balance the gems somewhat, so he is hit-capped out at 204 with almost 24% spell crit unbuffed. He will push to almost 26% once he gets the staff.

He does about 830-1200 DPS at this point, depending on the situation. I tested out the cloak in heroic Mech, and getting 8 5000-6000 crits in a row is disgusting. I love it.



Done with BGs yet PLS? / Guild merger

May 14, 2008

I am currently working on gathering around 25k honor points in order to pick up the S2 caster staff once S4 hits and S2 will be purchasable through honor points. This morning I was at around 18.5k, with about 7-8k still to go.



– forget Warsong Gulch. It is not winnable unless you are in a pre-made. If they know what needs to be done.

– forget Arathi Basin. Same reasons.

– Eye of the Storm: meh. Sometimes I am in good groups that actually win (I have even seen 4-caps OMG), but not enough honor points. Takes too long.

Which leaves Alterac Valley. This one is usually a hit-or-miss. Either you win the BG in the first 10 minutes or you have a 90% chance of wasting your time and losing it. There is the slim chance that the tables can be turned so Alliance wins an AV by reinforcements, but that is a rare case. I was lucky and have been part of some really good PuGs that just kill Galv, take IBT, TP while another group rushes to RH and takes the Frostwolf towers as well, then we gather and kill Drek. I think that happens to me about 1 in 5 games, so it is not the worst ratio. And you get between 350 and 550 honor points, so this seems to be the fastest and most efficient way to rack up the points I need.

I am still looking forward to getting all the points I need though and then to be done with it. This gets old pretty quick.

On other news, my guild merged with another guild. This resulted in almost 30 70s to be online last night with one SSC run and 1 ZA run going at the same time. Wow. This is definitely promising and I am looking forward to us getting the details hashed out (run schedule etc).

I personally did not like the fact that officers decided to run SSC and ZA at the same time. I for example would love to run SSC and other 25 man raids, but I need badges, and ZA drops way more in terms of that.

I would say that it would make more sense to have the ‘cool’ runs going on dedicated nights.. 25 man raid and 10 mans separated. Sure you can have 2 10 mans going at the same time, but don’t mix 25 mans with 10 mans.. A 25 man raid is much more srs bsns, and I think people would rather go do 10 mans then 25 mans, so if given the choice, the 25 man raid loses out. My theory.

Either way. More people means more chances to do things in the first place, so let us just see where this is heading.


May 13, 2008

Short term plans:

– get Priest to 70 + equip her with some basic ‘good’ gear. I am exceptionally lazy in questing with her — this will take a while. I just can’t bring myself to do any of the quests anymore. Really odd.

– get the Badge Chest and S2 Staff for the Warlock and push him to 25% spell crit unbuffed. Maybe also get him another T4 drop from Mags, Gruuls or Prince to get the T4 set bonus. I will get the S2 staff once Season 4 hits and you will be able to purchase it with honor points only (and marks). This will be a nice upgrade over the Curator’s staff drop.

UPDATE: Prince dropped the T4 piece for the Warlock last weekend! The ‘Flameshadow’-buff (the T4-2-set piece bonus) procs quite often 🙂

Wrath updates – Death Knight

May 9, 2008

The guys over at WOWInsider have a ton of new information about the new expansion. It looks like that the Death Knight will start at Level 55, with mount and gear. Lots more information over there too.

Since the DK will play a DPS/Tank role and everyone and the world will role one, I think I will either focus on leveling the Warlock or the Priest to 70 first. I don’t think the Feral Druid will play a very significant role in the new endgame dungeons.

Logically, the healer will have the most demand out of those 3 characters. So, I will quest with the Warlock and heal runs with the Priest until both are at 80. Druid will most likely wait.

And yeah, of course I need to try out a Death Knight. I’d rather experience the content first though. It is like back in the first days of BC: I did not spend time leveling a Draenei or Bloodelf, I focused on getting the Lock to 70 first.

A lot of good stuff seems to be in the expansion though, pretty exciting!


Good times.

May 3, 2008

Life is good. I ❤ Destruction.

Zerstoerungswut Teil 2

May 1, 2008

I did get the hood crafted, equipped it with 3 x +8 spell crit (Gleaming Dawnstones). I am at 24.75% spell crit now with Adept’s Elixir + Skullfish Soup. I love it. Spellfire Infusion + Shiffar’s Nexus Horn proc + Arcane Revenge (I think it’s called, from the Robe) all going off at the same time, I think I was hovering at around 1400 bonus spell damage. o.O

Ran ZA last night, I almost pulled aggro many times. That is a good sign dps-wise. Gotta keep that threat under control though, it will get me in trouble! 🙂

Good times. This is the spec the Warlock is intended to be.  With Succy sacrificed, +15% spell damage, with Felhunter sacrificed, 3% of total regen every 5 secs, which translated means, you never ever run out of mana. I use the Felhunter DS when I farm. I never have to lifetap.

Good times.

Deutscher, 70 Warlock

Insanity? Possible?

April 30, 2008

A thought I had last night:

  • Deutscher’s chestpiece: Robe of the Elder Scribes.. chance to add bonus spell damage (procs quite often)
  • T4 2 set bonus: chance to add bonus spell damage (only have 1 piece, so not sure how often that procs.. lets say he would have the gloves and the shoulders (still needs the shoulders from High King Maulgar)
  • Spellstrike Infusion set bonus: chance to add bonus spell damage.. will know how often that procs after I get it made tonight..

What if everything would proc? And I use Scryer’s bloodgem? And I would crit? Would I cry? And dance?

I don’t know.

Guess I need to find out. 🙂

EDIT: I think I would scream like a little girl. And then my dogs would stare at me and my wife would literally ROFL.